The Bournemouth

Beach Walk and Talk

celebrates three years!

Would you be surprised if told

The Walk & Talk is 3 years old?

So I chose to write a speech

‘bout our fab group on the beach.


It started when I moved to the sea

From London via the UAE.

I set up a business on my own

With just a laptop and a phone.


The stresses and strains soon became a prob

But was determined to not get A Job.

I needed help & more support

But not just the ‘business’ kind of sort.


I had a feeling, had a hunch

That out there was a supportive bunch

To help me and others through

When we are feeling really blue.


A range of folk would appear

And it soon became really clear

That we all chose to be by the sea

In order to live a life more free.


From those who are starting new

Who left safe jobs without a clue,

Or came to the coast to leave their ex

Without knowing what they would do next.


From those wanting a new direction

But have a deep fear of rejection.

To get their ideas explored

With a trusted sounding board.


From those who want to grow

But don’t know which way to go

They enquire with a plea:

“What should my next step be?”


‘Cos business is not solely about

Getting your product or service out,

Or trying to get folk to buy

To make the profit reach the sky.


But overcoming the challenges we face

That lurk in a dark, internal place.

The demons of failure and self-doubt

That make us holler, scream and shout.


A friendly face can get you past,

An issue that seems just too vast.

You’ll meet a load of fantastic folk

Learn their journeys and share a joke.


We start 9.30 at Urban Reef

(there follows a very short brief).

Oh, Kids and dogs are welcome to join.

And it doesn’t cost a single coin.


So come along and give it a go,

You’ve nothing to lose but a chance to grow.

3 years have gone by but we want to go more.

So come on guys, let’s make it to four!

"One of the best business networking events I have ever been to"
- Matt Williams